The Foundation for Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience
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Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, is a technology by which individuals learn to change the manner in which their brains function in response to real-time information based on their brains’ electrical activity, or EEG. Once learned, these changes in brain functioning tend to be long lasting, or even permanent. Research and clinical experience have increasingly come to show that neurofeedback training can alleviate, or significantly reduce, symptoms associated with a wide range of disorders and improve both the quality of life and level of performance of individuals who receive this training.

The Foundation for Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience is incorporated under the laws of the State of  California. It has been granted a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of encouraging research into the nature and practical applications of neurofeedback. It is entirely supported by charitable donations.  Please click here to donate.

In addition, the Foundation for Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience will seek to advance strategies for making the benefits of neurofeedback training available to those who presently lack such access by partnering with institutions, community groups and other entities that share its commitment to these ends; and, where appropriate, it will provide technical and material support to such groups.

What is Neurofeedback ?

For the answers to some frequently asked questions about neurofeedback, please click here.

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