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NF Mystery Tour Videos

The Neurofeedback Mystery Tour was a conference that took place February 16th through 18th 2012 at the Guest House Retreat Center in Chester, Connecticut to honor Sebern Fisher’s 70th birthday and to serve as a fundraiser to help support the work of the Foundation for Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience.  Nearly 100 people came together to hear three days of TED-style talks on a wide range of neurofeedback-related topics.  By all accounts the conference was a great success.

Links to videos of some of the presentations (in the order they were given at the conference) appear below.  Although not all of the presentations from the NMMT are available - as some dealt with confidential material or featured yet to be published data – these will hopefully give you a sense of what the conference was like.  (You may want to turn the volume up on some of the presentations.)

Many thanks to Dan Bender who graciously agreed to videotape the proceedings.)

Jorge Arocha: Bio-Psycho-Socio-Cultural Approach to Trauma

Mike Cohen: The Dilemma of Medications.

Further Topics Conference Day One: 

Sebern Fisher
: Neurofeedback at all Ages.

Moshe Perl: The Autobiography in EEG.

Protocol Swap.

Mike Cohen & John Fisher: Wrap Up Discussion.

Lynette Louise: Arousal and Autism.

David Kaiser: The Brain’s Illusions.

Bessel van der Kolk:  Rhythms and Resonance in the Body.

Arlene Nock: Thoughts About REM Physiology and Trauma.

Alan Bachers: Wolfram’s Class 4 and Neurofeedback.

Andrea Meckley: EEG Abnormalities in Maltreated Children and Medications

Stephen Larsen: Three Women Hit By Lightning…

Mirjana Askovic: QEEG and Trauma.

David Kaiser: Brain Evolution

Jaclyn Gisburne: Neurofeedback for Parkinson's Disease

Larry Hirshberg: Neurofeedback and Aging.

Happy Birthday Sebern.

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