The Foundation for Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience
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Working with others


The Foundation will seek to encourage research into the mechanisms of neurofeedback, along with demonstration projects and clinical trials that demonstrate its efficacy. Particular consideration may be given to studies of the efficacy of neurofeedback for conditions where existing treatments have shown to be of limited value or to have adverse side effects.


We are open to cooperation with both the academic and private sectors. We are also open to working with groups seeking to serve those who might benefit from neurofeedback training, such as charitable organizations or support groups associated with a particular disorder. Partnering activities may include technical support, the provision of software and equipment, and other activities tailored to match the needs of our partners and the resources available to the Foundation.

Public and Professional Education.

In spite of considerable research and clinical experience supporting the efficacy of neurofeedback, many health care professionals - and much of the general public - remain unaware of its advantages. The Foundation will seek to acquaint both groups with the benefits of neurofeedback and to encourage health care professionals to become trained in its use. It will also focus on playing an active role in the evolving field of “neuroethics.”

Annual Award for best Neurofeedback Article

Each year, the Foundation awards a $1,000 cash prize to the authors of what it considers to be the best article advancing research and understanding into the mechanisms and applications of neurofeedback. For a description of this year’s award and of previous years’ awards, click here.

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